Exploring Nature through interactive folding books

For The Birds Flower Mix Seed Pack Illustration

In collaboration with the Hudson Valley Seed Company

We worked with the Hudson Valley Seed Co. to create an illustration for their “For the Birds Mix” as part of their annual open call to artists to illustrate a new release of seed packets. We received a template of their unique folding seed pack to work with, and went through two rounds of sketches to reach a final design.

The illustration was required to function both as a 16” x 20” print and as a small folded cinquefoil packet for seeds.

When we learned that the flowers of the seeds in this packet attract certain birds more than others, that became a feature of our design. The four birds closest to the center are more commonly seen, and the secondary four in the corners are also attracted to these flowers but perhaps less frequently spotted. A central shape features the flowers that will grow and bloom from seeds in the packet.

The artwork itself is digital mixed media, a combination of inked line work, digital coloring in Adobe Illustrator, and photo collage with images of textures from our nature walks (ex: the sky is the bark of a sycamore tree).