Exploring Nature through interactive folding books

Junior Ranger Book

In collaboration with the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site

In the fall of 2016, the MVB Nat’l Historic Site asked us to redo their Junior Ranger Activity Book.

The goal was to design a more interactive and economical book for kids visiting the Site to engage with. Our objective was to incorporate a radial fold-out element, and to have the books printed with dry-erase lamination to make them reusable for years to come.

We worked with the MVB team to decide on things like the layout, size, binding style, and fold-out elements, and gave them several format options to choose from. We decided on a 9” by 11.5” portrait landscape with a spiral binding along the top. The size allows for plenty of space to write in answers with dry eraser marker, and for the folder pocket to neatly hold the take home pages printed accessibly on standard Letter paper. The top binding lets the pages flip up and over easily, while holding the book like a clipboard.

Creating the content of the book involved brainstorming ideas, conceptualizing activities, sketching out the ideas, and designing the layouts. We worked with the MVB team to finalize the visual subject matter and educational content, and checked in every step of the way to ensure that our work aligned with what they wanted.